South Holburn Church, Aberdeen



Who are we?

South Holburn Parish Church is a congregation of the Church of Scotland in the City of Aberdeen. Whether you live locally, or are visiting the city, we will always be pleased to welcome you.

Where are we?

Our church building is located at 539a Holburn Street, not far from Bridge of Dee in Aberdeen.

The Church in Scotland

The Church of Scotland is our country’s national church and as such the ministry of South Holburn extends beyond our own membership. It is a joy to share in celebrations such as baptisms and weddings and it is a privilege to offer pastoral care in times of loss and bereavements.

Come and Worship With Us

People of all ages are welcome to come and join us for worship at 10.30am on Sunday mornings. Our Sunday School and Creche normally meet while the service is in progress.

Holy Communion

Holy communion is celebrated on Easter Sunday and also on the last Sundays of January, June and October

The Church of Scotland

The Church of Scotland is one of the largest organisations in the country. We have around 600,000 members, with many thousands more regularly involved in our local congregations and in our wider work. More than 100,000 children and young people also take part in a range of our church-based activities, led by a team of 15,000 volunteers.

Baptisms & Weddings

The minister is happy to discuss baptisms or weddings with those who wish to know more.

Contact us for further information.

The Presbytery of Aberdeen

The Presbytery of Aberdeen is one of forty-six Presbyteries in Scotland. It represents and supervises the work of thirty-seven Church of Scotland Congregations within the civil bounds of the City of Aberdeen.

Sunday Services Cancelled

Following advice from the Government on controlling the spread of Covid-19, Aberdeen Presbytery has instructed all churches to suspend services for the foreseeable future.

Therefore there will be no Sunday worship at South Holburn Church until further notice.

Members will be supported by regular phone calls and updates.

Videos and items of worship will appear on the website, so check regularly for new content.

Please keep safe during this time and look out for one another.


Aberdeen City Council has launched a free emergency telephone helpline to prioritise support to its most vulnerable and at-risk customers during the coronavirus outbreak.

The telephone number 0800 0304 713 will be staffed from 8am-6pm Monday to Friday from Tuesday 24 March until further notice.

The emergency number is for those hit hardest by the coronavirus outbreak and unable to obtain help from their existing support networks, in these unprecedented times. Members of the emergency helpline team are ready to provide welfare and financial advice and support, including what to do if you are struggling to get food or pay bills. Similar advice and information are also available on issues such as housing, health, food, heating, finance and schools on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) page of the Council’s website, which is being regularly updated.

Resources for Family and Faith

Resources for Holy Week


Please Join Us For Holy Week

Worship this Holy Week will be rather different than usual. We will host our services on the Zoom app which will allow you be involved in worship, or you can watch live or catch up later on the YouTube channel.

Please do note that if you are using Zoom, you will be part of the broadcast on YouTube. So if you prefer not to be seen, then please watch on YouTube

Please use the following links at the given time on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer:

Palm Sunday Evening Online Gathering
5 April 2020 7:00 PM
Meeting ID: 370 097 436

For the Palm Sunday evening gathering you may want to print out a copy of this palm leaf and cut it out and colour it in (if you have the facility). We will be writing on it, so have a pen handy.

Ferryhill and South Holburn Online Worship (Monday of Holy Week)
6 April 2020 7:00 PM
Meeting ID: 975 075 886

Ferryhill and South Holburn Online Worship (Tuesday of Holy Week)
7 April 2020 7:00 PM
Meeting ID: 273 863 477

Ferryhill and South Holburn Online Worship (Wednesday of Holy Week)
8 April 2020 7:00 PM
Meeting ID: 980 335 223

Ferryhill and South Holburn Online Worship (Maundy Thursday)
9 April 2020 7:00 PM
Meeting ID: 581 888 924

Ferryhill and South Holburn Online Worship (Good Friday)
10 April 2020 7:00 PM
Meeting ID: 916 087 756

For the Good Friday online gathering please have a candle to hand to light at the start.

We look forward to welcoming you!


Join David and catch up.

Stay five minutes or as long as you like

Our next Virtual Vestry will take place on

Wednesday 15th April at 7 p.m.


Contact Us

Please get in touch to find out more

South Holburn Church

539A Holburn Street, Aberdeen, AB10 7LH

Members of our church family can join our online community by clicking the Facebook icon.