Devana Parish Church

Holburn Street

Parents and Toddlers

Hello! Welcome to a new session. we meet in the large hall on Thursday mornings, from 9am to 11am.

All parents with babies and toddlers aged 0-3 years are invited to join us. We will be happy to see any new parents, or new families who have moved into the area. Come and join us over a cup of coffee and play with your child in a welcoming, child friendly setting.

The cost is £2.00 per family.

Contact Person: Pat Moir 01224 319217 or 07837265672

Dates for this session are:-

19th August - 7th October 2021
28th October - 16th December 2021
13th January - 24th March 2022
16th April - 23rd June 2022


Linda of Tempest Photography will visit the group to take individual photographs of the children. (Useful Christmas/ birthday gifts?)


This will be held on 16th December and I have booked early to be sure Santa is available.


This is the event which raises enough funds to keep the group healthy. It is usually held on a Saturday morning in February. Details to follow.